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Team SWAMI what we do

What we do

We are a team of professionals who have dedicated ourselves and our careers to delivering quality service. Our commitment to this quality of service is now extended into consulting services provided by Team SWAMI.

Our clients can count on a high caliber team that delivers a variety of consulting services that include technical management consulting, modernization and maintenance of your technical solutions including both mainframe and distributed solutions.

We bring significant expertise to our clients that include technology strategy creation and execution, vendor management and workforce strategy, quality and testing practices.

Krupal Swami - who we are

Who we are

Krupal Swami, the CEO of Team SWAMI, is a well-respected and recognized expert in the field of strategy consulting and mainframe solutions.  Combining her experience with strategy consulting and her tenure working with Fortune 500 companies, she identified an untapped need in the technology industry and created Team Swami to help meet the needs of organizations who have a lack of expertise in this area of the industry.


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“I met Krupal in 2012.  Within 2 weeks, she won me over by showing how she can tie business problems and IT solutions together.  I have considered her a trusted advisor ever since!  As a business leader working with Krupal, my IT partner, I was impressed in what she was able to deliver, and how she could describe IT issues/solutions to me in business terms.  Krupal is a wonderful thought partner and knows how to get things done.  Highly recommend working with Team Swami!”

Kathy J.







Client Focused
Superb Listener
Unique Solution Provider
Experienced Leader

The heart of a truly great consulting firm relationship is to improve client operations while simultaneously reducing long term cost. Krupal Swami has spent her career as a superb client focused leader supervising complex IT operations and relationships. She is one of the best listeners and most creative leaders I have met and will look at all aspects of client needs to provide the optimal solution. Krupal analyzes problems with a uniquely creative client focused mindset. She is a consummate leader and mentor whom I am confident will provide stable, motivated, and highly professional teams to outperform client expectations for the long term. She is also a true diversity and inclusion superstar who will be a great ESG partner for your company.

Eric Griffith
CEO, Tech Founder