Krupal Swami - About Team SWAMI

Krupal Swami, the CEO of Team SWAMI, is a well-respected and recognized expert in the field of strategy consulting and mainframe solutions. Combining her experience with strategy consulting and her tenure working with Fortune 500 companies, she identified an untapped need in the technology industry.

Krupal created Team SWAMI to help meet the needs of organizations who have a lack of expertise in this area of the industry. Her vision is to encapsulate the best of these experiences, and create a company that meets the unique needs of all types of organizations.

She began her career with Nims Associates, a boutique consulting firm in Central Illinois. Krupal now aspires to model the culture of Team Swami after that experience at Nims.

Team SWAMI matches industry leaders and experts, who love what they do and enjoy working together, to provide value for our clients. We build strong relationships with our clients while helping them solve complex business challenges.