IBM Gold Consultant_Krupal Swami

I am an IBM Gold Consultant!

I’m excited to announce a huge milestone, for myself personally, and for TeamSWAMI. I was recently accepted into IBM’s Gold Consultant program, there are around 40 Gold Consultants worldwide.

IBM’s Gold Consultant program recognizes independent consultants from all over the world. This elite group uses their expert knowledge to help clients navigate data and analytics initiatives using IBM’s tools and technologies. It’s an honor to be recognized for my strong consulting and technical skills with the IBM Gold Consultant designation.

My journey to becoming an IBM Gold Consultant was fueled by the desire to learn everything possible about my industry. In addition to holding joint MBAs, I have also completed several designations throughout my career. I’m proud of each of these accomplishments, but it’s my extensive experience with IBM’s mainframe that enabled my acceptance into the IBM Gold Consultant program.

Many insurance, financial services, banking, and retail organizations rely heavily on IBM’s mainframe platform to run their high-volume, high-transaction workloads. IBM’s mainframes have been around for decades and are designed to be backwards compatible, so many mainframes are running code and programs that were written years if not decades ago. Despite these challenges, mainframe technology continues to be leveraged to run many core business applications.

Over the past few years there has been a push to modernize these applications and data. Given the complexity of the existing code and data integrations, many companies end up keeping some instance of the mainframe infrastructure and code intact. As a result, it cannot be easily phased out.

Unfortunately, as more companies have looked at moving to newer technologies, they have not invested in building mainframe skills within their organizations. That’s where TeamSWAMI comes in. We have years of experience supporting various aspects of the mainframe application, infrastructure and environment. And now, we have the IBM Gold Consultant designation to prove it.

As an IBM Gold Consultant, I’m eager to use my experience and expertise to help you with your mainframe strategy, application, or data modernization needs! To learn more about working with TeamSWAMI, contact me at [email protected].