Culture at Team SWAMI

Team SWAMI’s culture and the secrets of a high-performing team

When the news of my resignation and plans to launch my own firm became public, many people reached out to provide support and perspective. Their engagement influenced my focus prior to the firm’s mid-September launch. Although my offerings have evolved, one thing has stayed consistent:  My desire to build a healthy and open culture where team members grow, thrive and solve complicated problems. I knew an emphasis on culture would always be a pillar of Team SWAMI’s approach to business. Read more

Krupal Swami Insights Why I created Team-SWAMI

Why I created Team SWAMI

As I researched starting Team SWAMI, I spent a significant amount of time thinking about my background and the potential needs of the market. For many years, the IBM zDesign Council, BMC Mainframe Executive Council and technical conferences focused some agenda topics on the growing need for mainframe talent.

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