3 Observations from IDUG NA 2022, a Db2 Tech Conference

Last week I had the opportunity to attend IDUG North America. For those who aren’t familiar, IDUG stands for International Db2 Users Group. It’s a non-profit focused on education and services around Db2. There were many informative sessions, keynotes, and evening events throughout the week, and much of what I learned aligned with TeamSWAMI’s existing strategies and vision for the field. As I reflect on my experiences at IDUG North America, I wanted to share a few observations:

Innovation continues on Db2

All vendors associated with mainframe technologies continue to invest and innovate in Db2 (for z/OS, LUW and Cloud). For many organizations, Db2 is the system of record for core processing and business functionality. If you work for or with such an organization, and you’re thinking about moving your processing and data to the cloud, make sure to do your due diligence.  Almost all modernization efforts surpass their budget and timeline projections. Many times this is due to data dependencies and environmental complexities.

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