IBM Techxchange 2023

Greg DeBo presented 2 sessions at Techxchange 2023.


Fall 2023 Mainframe Education Events

TeamSWAMI continues the tradition of bringing awareness of the mainframe platform to Illinois Universities! We have several different companies attending the events with us. If you aren’t familiar with the platform that still runs the majority of the world’s workload, please attend one of these sessions!





Come see Greg DeBo present at the IDUG EMEA 2022 Conference

Greg DeBo, TeamSWAMI Principal Consultant and IBM Champion presents ‘Mainframe Modernization: What about the Data?’ during the IDUG EMEA conference in Edinburgh, Scotland in October 2022. Register here: EMEA Conference 2022 – IDUG

TeamSWAMI turns one: reflections on the past year and 3 goals for the future

Wow! I can’t believe an entire year has gone by since I launched TeamSWAMI! I am naturally an analytical person, so I spent a lot of time talking with mentors and others before I made the decision to launch my own firm. I researched the market, secured funding, created a business plan, and forged connections with current business owners who shared the joys and challenges of owning a small business. Bottom line:  I knew my journey was going to be challenging but also had the potential to be very rewarding.

Leaving a stable job to start a company is not for everyone, but I know I made the right decision for me. Prior to starting TeamSWAMI, I spent my career working in consulting and corporate America. I “grew up” around structure, process, rules, filling out approval forms, and the politics that accompany corporate leadership positions. I can’t explain the freedom that has come with starting this business. I can try different things and see what works, meet people from all kinds of backgrounds and organizations, continue to mentor students and technologists, and most importantly, provide value to our clients. Read more