“I met Krupal in 2012. Within 2 weeks, she won me over by showing how she can tie business problems and IT solutions together. I have considered her a trusted advisor ever since! As a business leader working with Krupal, my IT partner, I was impressed in what she was able to deliver, and how she could describe IT issues/solutions to me in business terms. Krupal is a wonderful thought partner and knows how to get things done. Highly recommend working with Team Swami!”

Client Focused
Superb Listener
Unique Solution Provider
Experienced Leader

The heart of a truly great consulting firm relationship is to improve client operations while simultaneously reducing long term cost. Krupal Swami has spent her career as a superb client focused leader supervising complex IT operations and relationships. She is one of the best listeners and most creative leaders I have met and will look at all aspects of client needs to provide the optimal solution. Krupal analyzes problems with a uniquely creative client focused mindset. She is a consummate leader and mentor whom I am confident will provide stable, motivated, and highly professional teams to outperform client expectations for the long term. She is also a true diversity and inclusion superstar who will be a great ESG partner for your company.