Krupal Swami Insights Why I created Team-SWAMI

Why I created Team SWAMI

As I researched starting Team SWAMI, I spent a significant amount of time thinking about my background and the potential needs of the market. For many years, the IBM zDesign Council, BMC Mainframe Executive Council and technical conferences focused some agenda topics on the growing need for mainframe talent.

We discussed challenges like:

How are we going to generate interest in the platform?

How do we modernize applications?

How are we going to ensure that new talent to mainframe will have the same passion and interest as previous generations?

How are companies mitigating the wave of impending retirements in the field?

Timing has become an important factor as well. If we wait much longer to address such issues, we lose the opportunity for experts running the platform to educate new talent. We have an opportunity to build the next generation of mainframe talent and we should look for creative and interesting ways to build that talent.

As I reflected on several years of these discussions, I decided it was time to apply my experience in consulting, technology, workforce and vendor management to address this need.

And so, I resigned from a secure job at a well-respected organization. Several people reached out, sending me emails, texts, and messages that shared their respect for the ‘brave and courageous’ decision I made to walk away from the security of my position for a new life plan.

Their comments reminded me of a discussion I once had with a mentor. A phrase she often used stayed on my mind as I worked through researching and setting up Team SWAMI:


What she meant was this: Who but you has the collective background, experience, and tenacity to do this?

And the answer to her question: Team SWAMI is uniquely situated to help organizations meet their technical and workforce challenges with practical and proven solutions. We are already:

  • Tracking legislation for colleges to educate students on mainframe technologies,
  • Talking with students about data and application modernization, and
  • Exploring opportunities to educate members of the U.S. Armed Forces about career opportunities on z technologies.

The mainframe community has consistently been transparent, graciously sharing resources and knowledge. I am committed to creating the same environment in Team SWAMI. We are a community of high caliber people helping our clients solve complex problems. Together, we can address the need for vital talent in an ever-evolving world.

To learn more about Team SWAMI, explore our website: We will continue to post insights, openings, etc. here.